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Supplier Form

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contractors and suppliers Data

To register as a certified supplier in the company

Facility Information

Information about the owner or the authorized manager of the establishment

Information on the authorized alternative of the facility (if any)

Commercial Register

Licenses required for the activity of the establishment

Financial information

Data Provider

Attach the files

With the following documents:

  • The commercial register of the establishment.
  • Institution registration certificate with VAT.
  • Owner's identity.
  • Authorized authorization from the Chamber of Commerce for the person authorized to sign the contract if he is not the owner of the establishment.
  • The identity of the authorized person to sign the contract.
  • Licenses required for the activity of the establishment.
  • Any other documents related to the contract.
  • Please fill out the form in a clear way.
  • If the space for the data is not expanded, we hope to write a letter to the company's publications and attach it to this form.
  • If there is any query regarding completing the application, we hope to communicate:
  1. Standard number: 920003406 : 920003406
  2. Telephone: (0) 966 (012) 6682040 (0)
  3. Email :
  4. info@alrajehmodern.com.sa