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Falling floors, causes and treatment


Sometimes you are exposed to a big problem after a period of construction and finishing, as it exposes the floors to land suddenly or what is called winding, and of course that problem causes inconvenience and distress especially after spending a lot of cost, effort and wasted time, and many people think wrongly that the presence of furniture on the floors a lot is the main reason In that, but the fact is that there are many types of floors and there is absolutely no furniture on them and yet they are subjected to cracking and landing.
Causes and factors for falling floors:

Among the most important and most widespread reasons that no one notices until after the problem has occurred is:

Water leaks Not only does it cause floors to fall, but it causes cracks in the walls, this problem must be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause many other problems.

Backfill errors during construction Where the soil before the drilling process was coherent and interconnected for many years, and because of the excavation and erosion factors it was disintegrated and became fragile.

Black and white ants spread in the home And not to use pesticides to get rid and remove these insects from the house, especially in the summer, as it takes out the sand under the floors, which results in a non-strong ground that is easy to land.

The construction materials used are of poor quality It requires strong adhesives and durable concrete, and also due to the absence of the conscience of the technician or the worker responsible for installing floors and cheating in materials and installation.

Treating flooring problem:

It is necessary to take some necessary steps to solve this problem and treat it properly and quickly, the first of which is to remove the type of tiles present, whether ceramic, porcelain or ordinary from all places in the problem, then strip the sand and remove it to a depth of thirty cm, and then add another layer Non-old materials needed with patron to be well dry and clean, and

Information is isolated beneath the bases of the structural structure

In the structural structure phase, the building rules are protected from moisture and groundwater by using an insulation material known as bitumen coils.  It is one of the oil derivatives obtained from coal and has several types, including hot oxidized bitumen, cold oxidized steel and bitumen, Structural structure

Cold Iron Technology


Cold iron is now popular in many countries of the world, and has spread widely in Saudi Arabia, especially as it conforms to the requirements of the Saudi building code.

The technique of "cold iron" or galvanized iron, is a type of light steel that is used in construction and mainly depends on the formation of cold galvanized steel, and is one of the advanced technologies in construction that mainly depend on manufacturing, and then it is transferred and installed under the supervision of a specialized engineer .

It is characterized by this type of iron It is manufactured by machines and thus avoids many errors that may occur in buildings due to oversight or normal human errors. Cold iron is also characterized by low cost compared to traditional methods of construction, and it is mentioned that investors and contracting company owners emphasized that the use of cold iron reduces construction costs With a rate of up to 60%, which encouraged many Saudi cities and regions to use it, cold iron has proven its quality, which made it the first choice for many contractors and investors in the construction field.

من مزايا الحديد البارد، Ease, speed of use, installation, and ease of formation, and hence the availability of a large number of different designs that are distinguished by the aesthetic touch, as this type of iron is characterized by light weight and high quality and good sound, heat and water insulator and is resistant to problems of rust, corrosion, rot, germs and all changes and environmental and natural factors.

Cold iron may be a relatively recent technology, but it has been able to demonstrate its quality, efficiency and ability to outperform the old traditional isotopes. Cold iron is also an economical option as it provides a significant percentage in building materials, and also in finishing, as it does not require finishing with special specifications, It can be finished with simple plain materials, and also provides cold iron in the amounts of energy used.

Cold iron also gives buildings advantages that are not found in traditional materials as it is an excellent heat insulator and therefore you do not need air-conditioning or heaters all the time, and it is an excellent sound insulation between rooms and some of them, as well as provides a great safety element as it is fireproof, and it can reach its resistance Fire has a duration of three hours, which is a significant duration compared to regular concrete buildings, so your choice of cold iron is safety, quality, and savings.


Insulated reinforced concrete formwork system

Work began with this technology for construction in most foreign countries because of their desire to reduce dependence on energy, especially for heating works. These studies and research began more than fifty years ago until they reached today the possibility of building buildings with heights of 25 floors with this technology.

What is this technology and what are its main components?

It is a pre-fabricated polystyrene or cork board that collects plastic kanats (to determine the distances between the panels) designed to accommodate all iron diameters according to what is structurally required (ready-made molds) Concrete is poured between these panels after placing the rebar horizontally and vertically according to the required .. Result A reinforced reinforced concrete wall on both sides (instead of columns we have a reinforced reinforced concrete wall) because the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete wall is much larger than a column and this wall must be based on a continuous tape base whose dimensions and thicknesses are determined by the structural engineer in accordance with the code To build in the state.

النظرية المقدمة من هذه التقنية الحديثة للبناء هي توفير الطاقة مع سرعة ودقة الانجاز للمشروع مع اعطاء العمر الافتراضي الاطول للمشروع من خلال حماية الخرسانات بواسطة الواح البوليستيرين او الفلين التي تمنع وصول عوامل الجو بشكل مباشر الى الخرسانات.

وهذا النظام سـوف يقلل من تكاليف الهيكل الانشائي حيث تتراوح نسبة التوفيــر في هذا النظام 20% – 30% وتعتمد على نوعية التشطيب.

أرضيات الكاوتشوك – المطاط – الربر rubber flooring


Rubber or rubber flooring is an attractive product, characterized by being soft and comfortable floors that absorb shocks, isolate sound and noise, and are made of natural rubber material plus sulfur materials, under high thermal pressure, and can be installed in the interior and exterior of any building or property.  


Environment friendly

Protect children from the dangers of falling, slipping and dirt.

High resistance to weathering, hot weather, friction and wear, which reduces the need to change them.

Anti-static and anti-slip

Easy to clean and attractive shapes.

Does not help transfer heat.


Not suitable for places with oils or grease

Kauchuk or rubber floors are used in:

Children's play places.

School yards and nurseries.

School and university playgrounds.

Sports clubs and sports arenas.

Parking floors for theatres, meeting rooms and celebrations.


خدمات الصيانة والتشغيل

من أهم الأسُس التي ترتكز عليها شركة الراجح الحديثة هو وضع برنامج للصيانة الدورية فهو جزء لا يتجزأ من إدارة أي مبنى حيث يساهم في إطالة عمر أصول بناءه ومعداته ونظم الحياة فيه لسنوات أكثر، مما يساعد على تخفيف أو إزالة الأعطال أو التقليل من تكاليف إصلاح أعطالها

كشركة متخصصة في تقديم هذه الخدمات فإن  شركة الراجح الحديثة تعمل على مساعدة عملائها في حماية قيمة استثماراتهم العقارية من خلال الصيانة الدورية والتفتيش وإعادة النظر في أصول مبانيهم ومعداتها وأنظمتها

فوائد برنامج الصيانة هذه تتعدى ما هو ظاهر للعيان منذ مرحلة البناء بالإضافة إلى الحفاظ على جمال وجاذبية منشآتهم، مما يجعلها تحافظ قدر المستطاع على قيمة عقارية أعلى في السوق